stamps.v4ka.com the result of the systematization of the private collection of stamps. The functionality and information the site does not imply any guarantees and commitments. All images scanned without correction of sharpness and color rendering to preserve the most realistic display. However, correct rendering in some cases broken (especially stamps with varnish, etc.). Stamps are not a species, unless specifically indicated. Also on the visual perception of the stamp may affect the type of monitor and settings. The scale of the images is selected based on capabilities without stress to see the stamps, read the label.

Basic information and numbering stamps:

  1. Soviet Union from 1918 to 1991, according to the Central Philatelic Agency (CFA)
  2. Luhansk people's Republic from 2014 to the present – State unitary enterprise of the Luhansk people's Republic "LPR Post"
  3. Donetsk people's Republic from 2014 to the present – State enterprise "Donbass Post"

Each stamp, in addition to the basic description, contains the ability to query the list of active lots famous and popular auctions: eBay, Meshok, Delcampe. The lot list will help you navigate the cost of stamps or stamps of the series to which it belongs. Stated in popular directories assessment marks varies markedly, sometimes controversial and is quickly becoming obsolete. The website does not keep a history of lots and does not accumulate information on prices. Not all stamp lots search can return appropriate results because of possible inaccuracies in the description or the seller is not adequately pointed out the information about the item. However, for most stamps, one can obtain the list of lots with prices. Remember that species names may have more value, so if there is a belief in the uniqueness and value of your stamp, it would be right to turn to experienced philatelists for accurate and proper evaluation or to take advantage of modern published catalogues.

It is also possible to search for the image of the stamp through the search engine Yandex.  Yandex The image of the stamp from the site is passed for processing search system, which allows to obtain the target information by name or description of the stamp.

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